Smoke Photography

What is Smoke Photography? Smoke photography, in its simplest definition is photography that features smoke. The smoke can be considered either the subject of the picture or the medium to create something else. Some artists focus on its own beauty and pureness, others use it as ‘paint’ to create stunning artwork. I think my work lies somewhere in the middle. For the images in my gallery, with the exception of a few, each image has the smoke of just one capture. In some cases the smoke is duplicated or mirrored. The way smoke moves and the shapes it takes on are simply amazing, and with the help of a camera I froze some of those moments to share with you the beauty of smoke.

I have split up my smoke photography in 3 different galleries:
  1. In the ‘Smoke‘ gallery you will find pictures that are closest to the original picture taken, some of the amazing shapes and forms that smoke usually hides in split-seconds, only visible when we stop time with the help of a camera. As our perceptions of the smoke images may differ, I suggest you look at the image before looking at the title, and make up your own mind of what the image means to you.
  2. Smoke and Mirrors‘ holds works in which the original smoke picture has been mirrored on itself, to create symmetry and hence open up a whole new range of amazing imagery.
  3. Smoke Interpreted‘ shows the results of collaborations with other artists, showing you their interpretation of some of my smoke pictures.


Prints and licenses of the Smoke photography pictures are available for sale. While the smoke photography looks particularly well on Metallic photo paper, and Acrylic prints, the images can be printed on other photo and art paper, on canvas or metal.

Contact me if you are interested in acquiring one of the works and want more information.
If you are curious how these smoke pictures were made, you can find more information in my blog ( tag: Smoke Photography).


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